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This theme park located in the south-western end of London is bursting at the seams with adventures and fun-packed activities that await all guests, whether you’re 5 or 55. The Chessington World of Adventures has different theme parks with rides and adventures to do; plus a zoo and a Sea Life Centre where we can view some of the world’s most exotic sea creatures.

Once you step into the park, you might be overwhelmed with everything that you see that you wouldn’t know where to go first or where to start!

Among the themed adventures here are those found in the Forbidden Kingdom, Market Square, Mexicana, Mystic East, Toytown and Transylvania; among others.

Over at the Forbidden Kingdom, you can play the Tomb Blaster where your goal is to overcome the Curse of the Mummy. As you ride through a maze filled with different enemies to defeat, everyone will surely get a kick out of this one.

While in Market Square, the whole family can take a ride up at the Safari Skyway for a sweeping look at the zoo down below.

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